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Apart hotels on Kopaonik – the perfect choice of accommodation on Kopa. Below you can see the recommendations of the apart hotel directed by Supernova Travel: are there discounts, stocks, as well as a detailed description of apart hotels, photos, exact location, content in the offer and prices for the desired apart hotel on Kopaonik.

Many tourists “stumble” for a single option of accommodation, not wanting to experiment. That’s why we will present you a wide offer when apart hotels in Kopaonik is in question and why your next stay at magical Kopaonik is a very apart hotel.

Seats of Heaven 1

Description Aparthotel Nebeske stolice 1 is one of the most wanted hotels on Kopaonik since its opening. Location, hospitality and … Pročitaj još

Mecava Apartments

Description Mecava Apartmani (ex Promenade Kop) Mećava Apartments is a new facility in Kopaonik, in the range of apartments 4 … Pročitaj još

Vila MujEn LUX

Description In the Weekend Zone 4.5 km from the complex “Konaci” is built is one of the most beautiful and … Pročitaj još

Apart hotel Foka Spa

Description The “FOKA SPA“ Hotel is located in the town of Brzece at 1000 m above the sea level at … Pročitaj još

Apart hotel Mount

Description Apart Hotel Mount is located near Grand Hotel. It has to offer 13 suites that match needs of both, business … Pročitaj još

Seats of Heaven 2

Description Aparthotel Nebeske Stolice 2 is located above the Aparthotel Nebeske Stolice 1, on the ski slope “Pajino-Preslo”(Masinac) near the … Pročitaj još

Apart hotel & Spa Zoned

Description With its traditional mountain style architecture and following facilities, Apart Hotel & Spa Zoned is completely adjusted to the tourist purposes. … Pročitaj još

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    Benefits of apart hotel on Kopaonik?

    As you can make a booking from a name, apart hotels combine the best that a hotel accommodation can offer with all the benefits of the apartments. When deciding for an apart-hotel, you will have all the freedom to stay in an apartment with additional content that you would expect in a hotel.

    You will stay in a spacious apartment that will provide you with the feeling of warmth and freedom as if you are in your home, and the amenities like a cozy and equipped kitchen will contribute to meeting everyday needs. So if ever during your stay at the hotel you are craving for something more than a sized cup of large cups and coffee mugs – this is definitely an option for you!

    Advantages of apart hotels in relation to other types of accommodation:

    Well-equipped and functional kitchen (stove, microwave, fridge, other kitchen appliances …)
    Larger apartments have more rooms for whole families or larger ones
    Modno-equipped living room apart hotel with all the necessary technology and fast WiFi …
    Check out which available apart hotels on Kopaonik within our offer and book your accommodation today.