Kopaonik is the largest ski center in Serbia

Kopaonik is the largest ski center in Serbia, and undoubtedly one of the best centers in this part of Europe. In addition it is one of the most beautiful mountains in Serbia, Kopaonik has an incredible and natural potential of about 200 and about 160 sunny days with snow cover during the year.

Kopaonik ski resort has about 55 miles of trails arranged for alpine skiing and 18 km cross-country skiing. For lovers of night skiing there is also illuminated night trails Little Lake.

Winter 2012/2013 has brought a lot of newspapers and on the slopes, above all, there are additional systems snowing, so that about 70% of ski slopes covered with artificial snow. The existing system has been updated and covers the surface: Karaman Reef, Marine Water, Mali Karaman, Princely ponds, paths connecting the bar to the prince's deep, Krcmar, Valley sports two new tracks on the Cross and the Sunshine Valley. Overall this is a new 20 km osneženih trails.

There are three paths by standard FIS for slalom, giant slalom, super G and downhill

In addition to trails for alpine and Nordic skiing, ski center Kopaonik has been edited and snow-boarding / Snowboarding / park, where many events are organized domestic and international, as well as provided space "ski kindergarten" a conveyor belt that makes it easy to master basic skiing skills.

Ice skating, sledding, paragliding as a snowmobile ride will make your stay in Kopaonik unforgettable.

Kopaonik is a favorite winter resort among young people for good entertainment and night life. Anyone who is looking for a great time and a good time, which would complement an active holiday in the snow, at the right place. Kopaonik is famous for its excellent rev-ski entertainment from early morning to continue in one of the many cafes, bars, discos, clubs, restaurants and tourist center.

Ski or ride a snowboard instructors will teach ski school La Scuola Di Schi.

Accommodation facilities on Kopaonik are deployed to Brzeća Treska weekend settlements, with emphasis on the Flat Kopaonik is the largest number of hotels and apartments.

Access to and distance from Belgrade:

· Belgrade - Batocina - Kragujevac - Kraljevo - Jošanička Spa - Kopaonik (290km) or

· Belgrade - Pojate - Krusevac - Bruce - Kopaonik (300 km)

Access to and distance from other towns in the region:

- Novi Sad - Belgrade - Kopaonik (347km)
- Nis - Kopaonik (118km)
- Podgorica - Kopaonik (420km)
- Banja Luka - Kopaonik (570km)
  Skopje (E-75 highway, off Grdelica)-Prokuplje - Bruce - Kopaonik (300km)
- Ljubljana - Zagreb - Belgrade - Kopaonik (817km)
- Thessaloniki - Kopaonik (479km)

Kopaonik ski resort N.V. 1770-2017 m (Pančićev top)

- Total length of slopes for alpine skiing 55 km, the total length of the cross-country skiing 18 km

- 17 tracks of blue, 9 red slopes, 7 black runs

- Number of ski lifts - 24, including children's ski school (13 ski lifts, of which 10 ski lifts anchor and type 3 binding plate and ski lifts, 11 ski lifts, of which 1 šestosed, 7 four-seater, 3 seater

- The total lift capacity - over 33,000 skiers / hour, maximum altitude difference-512m

- The longest trail - 3.5 miles White River

- Illuminated Path - A little night skiing Lake - 450m.

- Three standard paths by FIS for slalom: giant slalom, super giant slalom and downhill.

Newspapers for the winter season in 2012/2013 Ski center Kopaonik

· On the place of the existing 4-sednežnice Karaman ridge sets a new 6-chair lift capacity of 3000 skiers per hour. This increases lift capacity by an additional 600 skiers per hour and lift instead of a landline, as it was before, be isklopiva, which means it will be faster than the existing ridge lifts Karaman. The external appearance of the starting point and exit station will be like the existing lifts Pančićev top. The starting station of the new 6-sit lifts will be placed below or close to the existing lice lays Pančića.

- Existing lifts Karaman ridge moves to the place lifts Sunshine Valley.

- In addition to the two cable cars that will leave from the so-called "Valley of sports" in the vicinity of the ski kindergarten and build the new four-seat lift cross fixed capacity of 2000 skiers per hour, which will depart from the zone of the valley sports and have an exit near the ski station buffet Cross. With this new cable car is made of blue and two new ski trails that will follow.

- The existing system of artificial snow will be updated and the coverage of the trail: Karaman, Marine Water, Mali Karaman, Princely ponds, paths connecting to the bars of the princely Deep, Krcmar, Valley sports two new tracks on the Cross and the Sunshine Valley. Overall this is a new 20 km snowy trails.

- 70% of the capacity of the ski center is covered with artificial snow system.