Transportation to Kopaonik under the direction of Supernova Travel Agency. Going to Kopaonik does not have to be tense! Supernova Travel offers various transport options to and from Kopaonik as part of its entire offer. Take a look at the available transportation to Kopaonik, charter schedule, photos of the desired type of transport (bus, minibus, utility vehicle or transportation with personal driver to Kopaonik).

  • Bus to Kopaonik – Supernova Travel’s bus transportation is done with comfortable and modern tourist buses, class from 15 to 60 seats. The bus for Kopaonik starts on weekends, every Saturday and Sunday. Find detailed information by clicking on the desired Bus Transportation to Kopaonik below.
  • Van transport Kopaonik – Kombi or Minibus transportation to Kopaonik is an excellent way of transportation when you can not reach the place from where the bus leaves, because the van is transported from door to door. Supernova Travel’s minibus comes to your home jersey and transports you to the accommodation facility you chose. Find detailed information by clicking on the desired Combi transportation to Kopaonik below.
  • Individually organized transportation to Kopaonik – for those who want maximum freedom and comfort while traveling to Kopaonik, and at the same time they want to enjoy the benefits of organized transportation. Supernova Travel offers the possibility of renting a vehicle with a driver for you and your company. You can choose between different vehicle classes. The basic vehicle is the premium car of the Czech manufacturer Škoda – the Superb model. Find detailed information about this kind of organized transport to Kopaonik, by clicking on the appropriate link below.
  • Flights from Russia – travelers coming from Russia no longer have to worry about transportation from Belgrade airport to their hotel in Kopaonik, because Supernova Travel organizes for you a transfer from landing to Belgrade to Kopaonik and back when the time comes for return. Find detailed information about flights from Russia by clicking on the link below.

Choose your type of transport and spend an unforgettable holiday on the most famous mountain of Serbia. Welcome to Kopaonik!

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