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MIN NIGHTS35345677777777
APARTMENT 0+12238396199249289309319389879579499787556463
APARTMENT 1+13274456219279309349359439980648567875618515
APARTMENT 2+142994982392993493794094891092720630966684570
APARTMENT 3+1541068427933939943946955912568287251111787656
APARTMENT 2+264467443594495195695997291499108094513991026855
APARTMENT 5+1749081839949956962966979916491188104015391129941


– Room rent for specified number of nights, final cleaning, basic daily cleaning, ski depo, free wi fi.
– HALF BOARD, obligatory suplement for period 23.Decembra till 17.March, 18 eur per adult, 9 eur per chd 2-12 yrs; Chd till 2 yrs free.
– WELLNESS & SPA CENTER, (optional) finnish sauna, turkish sauna, infra red “IR” sauna, massage rooms, inner pool 9 x 4,5 m, jakuzzi;
Spa ticket price (pool entrance and all sauna) 09-17h 5 eur per person, 17-22h 8 eur po osobi; Other services of Spa center according to pricelist on spot; Reservations and suplement for services of Spa & Wellness center on spot, according to availibility; Detailed about services Spa & Wellness center “Saruna” on website
– GARAGE PARKING (optional), 7 eur daily according to availibility on spot;
– NEW YEAR’S EVE CELEBRATION (optional) 50 eur suplement for adults, children till 12 yrs 25 eur. (live music, festive dinner, aperitiv drink or juice, water, champaigne in midnight)
– Tourist tax (obligatory) payment with reservation: Adults 1 eur daily; Children 7 till 15 yrs 0,5 eur daily; Children 2 till 7 yrs free;

Uslovi i način plaćanja:
- Plaćanje se vrši u dinarskoj protivvrednsoti po srednjekm kursu NBS na dan uplate
- Cena je garantovana samo za uplatu kompletnog iznosa. U suprotnom garantovan je samo iznos akontacije a ostatak je podložan promeni. Započeti način plaćanja se ne može menjati.
- 40% od celokupne cene aranžmana (akontacija) prilikom rezervacije (sklapanja ugovora), ostatak najkasnije 15 dana pre putovanja. Uplata se može izvršiti u gotovini, platnim karticama, preko računa (kao pravno ili fizičko lice).
40% od celokupne cene aranžmana (akontacija) prilikom rezervacije (sklapanja ugovora), ostatak:
- ČEKOVIMA GRAĐANA - na jednake mesečne rate , po obračunu, do 30.03.2019. Dospeće rata je 10, 20 i 30. u mesecu. Za rate koje dospevaju za naplatu posle iskorišćenog aranžmana obavezno je deponovanje čekova građana kod organizatora, kao garancija plaćanja, najkasnije 15 dana pre putovanja.
- KREDITNIM KARTICAMA (Visa, MasterCard, Amex) na 6 mesečnih rata bez kamate.
- Putem ADMINISTRATIVNE ZABRANE - na 6, 9 ili 12 rata sa firmama sa kojima agencija SUPERNOVA TRAVEL ima sklopljen ugovor.


Guest house Zupa  is an newly opened facility in the immediate vicinity of the Srebrna Lisica Hotel. Before entering the center of the resort , going from Jošanička Banja and Raska, there is turning right and leads to the parking of the guest house Župa. The location is in a peaceful natural environment surrounded by pine trees. Bounded by the slopes of Malo jezero (night trail) and the Suncana dolina , at 1752 m above sea level, the Zupa is the perfect choice for passionate skiers.

Parking is available to guests, cable TV, wi-fi, towels, use of the ski depo in the hotel “Srebrna lisica”.


Aparthotel Župa contains standard apartments designed for accommodation of up to 4 people and duplex apartments with one or two bedrooms for accommodation of 5-7 persons.

All apartments have a fully equipped kitchen, a bathroom with shower, a living room with a dining table and chairs, a two-seater or a sofa-bed, a club table,and a TV. The bedroom can be with two separate standard beds or one double bed.

Duplex apartments have one or two bedrooms. Rooms can be with two separate standard beds or one double bed.

Župa Wellness & Spa – opsi eng

Ivana and Dejan Maricic, professors of physical culture and sports, after years of experience working in the field of sports, in 2002 founded the sports club “Saruna”, with the idea that the city business man provide the best way to protect and promote health, fitness and general psychophysical state.

Seeing the level of stress that is growing and messy way of life – with improper and irregular nutrition and with the lack of movement – Saruna team over the past 14 years of work and training and improve programs designed to preserve the health and maintaining youthful form.

All prices are for guests who have booked accommodation via Supernova and have already included a discount of minimum 10%.

The prices for services for external guests will be published later on an additional price list.

* Spa day – means entering the pool and using sauna for a specific term. Other SPA services are paid according to the pricelist.

For special services such as a night swimming map, after 22:00, please check on the recption.

Saruna Spa Center reserves the right to change prices.


*excel – tabela*


Special offer –

Daily ticket for SPA center with 60min Therapeutic massage for guests Supernove – 3300 din

Daily card for couples to enter the SPA center and massage for two guests for Supernova guests – 5500 din


Description of the massage:

Relax massage:

The specificity of this treatment are slow, long, gentle and wide therapeutic movements while using soothing aromas of essential oils, that makes this massage very pleasant and joyful.

The effects of this massage are the release of pain and tension, complete relaxation, improved circulation, endurance and muscle elasticity. It is recommended to anyone who wants to relax and spend some quality time just for themselves.


Anti-stress massage is a combination of therapeutic and relaxation massages. The therapist focuses on the places where the stress is usually localized. It includes a full body massage with emphasis on the shoulders, neck, head, hands and feet. It is recommended for anyone who needs a relaxation, release of tension and accumulated stress after long day at work.

Therapeutic massage is a specific massage applied in order to eliminate tension and muscle pain in certain body parts. It is a combination of several manual techniques depending on the specific physical problems that needs to be mitigated or eliminated.

After relaxing muscles of entire body, the focus is on the troubled region such as back, neck and shoulders.

Spa head massage:

Spa massage is primarily used to reduce stress and tension. After a hard day give yourself an enjoyment that will make you relax and unwind. This massage can relieve headaches, removes the stress and improves  head, face, neck and shoulders circulation.

Sports massage is a dynamic and energetic massage that improves blood circulation, relaxes tense muscles and regenerates muscle fibers after a hard work-out. Sports massage is an energetic and strong massage intended for professional athletes and active people. It helps in increasing strength and muscle endurance, by reliving tension and lactic acid from your body.

Foot masage:

This remarkable treatment is particularly joyful, relaxing and stimulating that helps in detoxifying your body and from tension and stress. It is focused of food, ankles and lower legs. By stimulating certain points of the foot, this massage effects the entire nervous system and helps in building the immune potential of the entire body.

Saruna back massage:

A deep relaxing massage that includes the entire musculature of the back and arm. Long massage movements are so designed that they aim to disperse and relax, and the body is brought into a state of complete relaxation. It acts extensively on the psycho-physical condition and returns the necessary energy.


Duo massage or massage in pairs is a very attractive service in our Wellness Center for those who want to spend quality time together. Two people can massage at the same time in the same room. Surprise your dear person and create new unforgettable moments.


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